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Media Showcase Tutorials page

Media Showcase The Guiding Force traditional media tutorials Basic principles and techniques of traditional media; including general visual arts concepts. Coming soon

Media Showcase Digital Darkroom photography tutorials Image Editing Mastercourse, intended for both photographers and digital artists. Coming soon.

Media Showcase F8 photography field tutorials F8 deals with all aspects of photography in the field (image editing is dealt with in Digital Darkroom). Coming soon

Media Showcase Timeline video editing tutorials Timeline is a collection of video editing tutorials, also relevant for general animation concepts. Coming soon.

Media Showcase Vector Style vector graphics tutorials Vector grapics tutorials, using Illustrator, CorelDraw and other applications. Coming soon.

Media Showcase Design House design tutorials Design House covers general design concepts, for designers working for web or print. Coming soon

Media Showcase 3D Mode 3D modelling and animation tutorials 3D Mode is a collection of tutorials for aspiring 3D modelling and animation artists. Coming soon


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