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Media Showcase, Traditional Media: Various

Welcome to the Traditional Media Various Subjects Galleries - click on the image map below for hi-res versions.

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Media Showcase Traditional Media, Abstracts Page 01 Media Showcase Traditional Media Various Page, image number one: No Blade of Grass Media Showcase Traditional Media Various Page, image number two: Local Lads, Luxor Media Showcase Traditional Media Various Page, image number three: Cool of the Shade Media Showcase Traditional Media Various Page, image number four: Local Talent


01: No Blade of Grass: The idea of man's inability to realise the limits of his world's natural resources was the inspiration for this picture. Again, the 'original' was one of my photos (see here), taken during my time at an ashram in India; all I had to do was replace the two lads in the photo with one man chopping at a last remaining plant.

02: Local Lads, Luxor: As with many of my early photos, if I liked it, I often produced a traditional media version later, though sometimes that was many years later. This was one of the photos (see here), taken during my first visit to Egypt (and only visit to the south of the country). In this work, I used mostly a 'stippling' technique, whichi is to say the picture is composed of dots, rather than strokes..

03: Cool of the Shade: This picture was based on a photo I took in Rajasthan, India (see here), although for this artwork I used only two of the original group of four men, who I met resting in the shade in a town whose name I can no longer remember. For the artwork, I used black and blue waterproof drawing inks, reserving the black for the darkest areas, and executed it with a mixture of brush painting and directional strokes with a dip pen.

04: Local Talent: This picture was of a couple of local girls in the village by Three Pagodas Pass on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, and again was made from one of my travel photos (see here), although I simplified the messy background of the photo a bit. Like picture number two on this page, it's an example of stippling, this time carried out in two ink colours.

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