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Media Showcase, Traditional Media: Sports

Welcome to the Traditional Media Sports Galleries - click on the image map below for hi-res versions.

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Media Sowcase Traditional Media: Sports Page 01 Kenny Roberts (Senior), acrylics painting for Media Showcase Ron Haslam, ink painting for Media Showcase Nigel Mansell, acrylics painting for Media Showcase Olympic Gynmast, pencil drawing for Media Showcase


01: Kenny Roberts (Senior), motorcycle road racing champion. As a teenager I was into motorcycles and motorcycle racing, and went to quite a few races with a neighbour who worked racedays as a 'track marshal'. This meant I got to see some races from track marshals' look-out posts, which were generally elevated and very good vantage points. That said, most of my photos were disappointing and even the best had flaws, which is why I liked to work from photos in my early artwork -- I could 'correct' the bad points of the photos and produce traditional media artwork as I would have liked the photos to appear. This painting is one such artwork. At the time I did the painting -- several years after I took the photo -- I was new to acrylics, and enjoying them a lot, but I was still much more used to working with inks, so I often combined them, mostly using inks to add finer details which I couldn't achieve with acrylics and brushes.

02: Ron Haslam, another popular figure from the world of motorcycle road racing. By the time I did this picture, I was already fairly proficient in pen and ink work. With this picture, I combined pen work with brush work, so it became a kind of drawing/ painting. The result was not as good as I hoped for, but acceptable.

03: Nigel Mansell, British Formula One racing car driver (in the leading car). This picture and the next were both based on black and white newspaper images. While it may not seem very creative to be copying photos from newspapers, the creative part was mostly in the backgrounds. For the racers, I tried to impart a feeling of speed to the picture; for the gymnast, I tried to add shadow which followed or complemented her shape to some degree. In the case of Mansell and company, it wasn't difficult to add the necessary colours -- my sister's boyfriend lived a couple of houses down the road from 'Nigel' at the time and was big fan of the driver, so there were plenty of colour images easily available.

04: Olympic Gymnast (Barcelona). This picture was an experiment of sorts. At the time, I had used pencils dozens, if not hundreds of times, to draw the outlines for pictures to be completed in inks or acrylics. Generally, I used just one pencil for that task, and lead, or graphite pencils as a full-blown media in themselves didn't seem very attractive or interesting. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to see if I was capable of making accurate renditions of various shades with pencils. Thus, this was my first attempt at a true pencil picture. At such, I was satisfied with it, and inspired to create more work exclusively in graphite pencils.

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