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Media Showcase, Traditional Media: Landscapes

Welcome to the Traditional Media Landscapes Galleries - click on the image map below for hi-res versions.

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Media Showcase, Traditional Media: Landscapes Page 01


01: Big Buddha Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand: This scene was originally a photo I took in Koh Samui in 1985. I liked the composition so much, I decided to turn it into a tradtional media work. I used 'pen and ink', ie., Indian Ink, and later added colour with waterproof drawing inks. To view coloured inks version, click here. To view original photo, see PhotoTravelogue on this site, or click here.

02: Bungalow View, Koh Samet: This, as far as I remember, was completed in pen and ink a couple of years after I made a rough pencil sketch of the view from my bungalow, halfway up a hill in Koh Samet, and island about three hours east of Bangkok. This island was a regular destination when I worked in Bangkok in 1985/6, but after this 1989 visit the increasingly polluted environment put me off making any further visits.

03: Dal Lake, Kashmir: This piece of artwork was created sometime after images 01 and 02, but the photo it was based on was taken a few years earlier.

04: Kathmandu Hotel View: View from the rooftop of the hotel I stayed at in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1999. Based on a sketch and photos. In fact, the view in the distance was nothing like this clear, which was the main reason for doing the artwork. The area in the distance -- the high peaks, beyond the temple on the hill -- was only visible periodically, and would quickly cover with cloud and mist. The advantage of the traditional media representation was that I could do a clear winter day version of a rainy season summer view!

All images Public Domain

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