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There are five gallery collections under Photography.


The Editor's Photo Travelogue is a collection of photos taken from the personal travels of the editor of this site. Currently over 450 of some of the images that have survived the ravages of time!

Panorama takes a broad-ranging look at things. A collection of 'stitched' panoramic images by the editor and others from around the world. !

Taiwan Wildlife Galleries, is a collection of (at present) three galleries on the wildlife of Taiwan: Birds, Insects, and Various. Other galleries may be added later, and/or additions made to the present galleries (Flash required to view).
Flora of Formosa is a collection of some 30-odd images of plant life in Formosa (Taiwan). Unfortunately, I'm just a photographer, not a botanist, so some of the pics are lacking detailed descriptions. (Flash required to view).

The Abstraction Lens is a collection of general abstract photographs with details of how they were created.

Asia Rising is a look at some of the 250 metre+ buildings and towers which have arisen in Asia over the past couple of decades. Complete with full historical and technical descriptions for each building featured.

All images Public Domain

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