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Here are a few excellent visual arts sites you may be interested in. As this is a free site, intended mostly for aspiring visual artists, the accent is on other sites providing free resources and other aspiring visual artists, but I have included a few sites of well-established artists and photographers as sources of inspiration. Please note that many of the visual artists linked to here work in a variety of media, if an artist is linked to under 'Computer Graphics', for example, but also creates traditional media work, that may be only because he or she is best-known as a CG artist.


link to Digital Arts magazine web-site
Web-site of the British Open Art Competition

link to Digital Arts magazine web-site
Still the premier web-site and magazine for all things digital arts
link to CG Society web-site
A huge site, with over 100,000 registered members, providing all sorts of CG-related info.
3D Buzz link
Huge array of tutorials, some free, covering every aspect of 3D graphics, with some 2D instruction into the bargain

Some Outstanding CG Artists...


Official site of CG artist Neville Page
This British-American artist began his career in the pre-digital era, but is best known as a film and television creature and concept designer.
Official site of CG artist Wayne Robson
Wayne Robson's work covers 3D models and scene backgrounds, as well as music album covers and digital art tutorials
Official site of CG artist Jean-Baptiste Monge
French-Canadian illustrator and writer whose work has won numerous awards
Official site of CG artist Dylan Cole
American gigital matte-painter and concept artist specialising in work for film, television, and video games


link to British Journal of Photography web-site
A general photography site, including travel, landscape and just-about-anything-else photography
link to Luminous Landscape photography web-site
This professional site has articles and tutorials providing everything you could want to know about outdoor photography
Digital Photographer magazine website
Web-site of the UK's Digital Photographer magazine

Some Outstanding Photographers...


Andrew Walmsley's wildlife photography web-site
Inspiring work of a New Zealand-based wildlife and landscape photographer
link to Andy Rouse's wildlife photography web-site
Leading British wildlife photographer and winner of numerous wildlife photography awards
link to Nike Moat's macro photography web-site
Macro photographer Mike Moats opens your eyes to the full potential of the super close-up
Robert Pollai's travel and portrait photography web-site
Robert Pollai is a traveller and photographer whose work covers a number of countries. See his atmospheric black and white images
Oksana Perkin's travel photography web-site
Oksana Perkins is a Russian-born world traveller whose photographs cover all aspects of travel photography.
link to Matt Brandon's travel photography web-site
Site of intrepid traveller-photographer Matt Brandon.
Jon Sullivan's public domain photography web-site
Jon Sullivan has put a broad range of his own quality images into the public domain on this site.

link to Vasco Planet travel photography web-site
Thousnds of photos from the travels of Russian photographer Vyacheslav Argenberg


link to Artists Daily tradtional media site
General traditional art site; membership (free) is required for access to wide range of tutorials


Some Outstanding Traditional Media Artists...


link to MC Esher's traditional media art site
Official web-site of MC Esher (now deceased). Bizarre, though-provoking and meticulously executed artwork in a variety of mediums
link to Kelvin Okafor's pencil artwork web-site
Incredibly photo-realistic pencil work. For those of us who convince ourselves we can't do anything without the latest version of Corel Painter!
link to the Frank Frazetta traditional media comic book art site
American illustrator Frank Frazetta (deceased), defined comic book art in the pre-digital age

Some Other Related Sites

link to My Himalayas travel web-site
Casten Nebel's travel site features excellent photos from around the Himalayan region, particularly panoramas
link to Nomvo digital management resouce site
A unique site sharing all of the insights, experiences, and training needed for any individual, company, or enterprise to succeed in the digital space; all free of charge
link to Alix Lee's website
Index site listing the editor's various artwork, articles, tutorials and other work