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Warrington Gates Warringtion, Leeds, Manchester, etc. Asilah and Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Restless feelings and thoughts about travel.

Gibalatar trip; working at Kibbutz Bar'am in Israel's Upper Galilee, travel in this region.

Acre, Rosh Hanikra, etc., more travel to locations close to Kibbutz Bar'am in northern Israel .

Haifa, plus Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Decision to try a second kibbutz and delay return to the UK.

Lingering in Jerusalem, living and working at Kibbutz Magen in the Negev, travelling to Eilat and the southern Sinai.

Dead Sea and Masada, Jerusalem revisited, decision to work in Greece rather than return to the UK.

Finding work and accomodation in Athens, adapting to life working and living in Athens.

Working on yachts in Glyfada (outside Athens), short trip to Crete and first trip to Istanbul.

More on life in Athens, hitching in the Peloponnese peninsula, leaving Greece via Patras for Brindisi, Italy.

Hard overland trip with my girlfriend from Brindisi to Rotterdam including Rome, Lyon and Paris.

Overland return to Athens on the Magic Bus, working in Athens again, trip to Cairo and Luxor in Egypt.

More on Luxor, adventurous trip south to Aswan and Abu Simbel, and serious discomfort in Aswan.

Greek island-hopping trip, trip to Limmasol, Cyprus, leaving Greece for a second time, train trip from Rotterdam to Copehhagen, Stockholm and Uppsala. (Coming soon)

Copenhagen, some short trips in the Netherlands, return to the UK, andwinter in London trying again to settle down there. (Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

Arrival in Dehli, India, first week in the capital, trying to adapt to life there before travelling around the country.

Travelling around northern India by train with Michel and Richard; Lucknow, Varanasi, and Khajurahu...

Continued travels around northern India with Richard and Michel, including Agra and Jaipur, before arriving in Borunda to work on a farm there...

Life working on Inder Dan's farm in Borunda, Rajasthan, and visits to nearby population centres.

Udaipur trip, Jaisalmer and camel safari in nearby desert, and visit to Gandhi's ashram in Gujarat state.

Visiting Gandhi's ashram in Gujarat, back to Delhi to meet an old friend, then onto Amritsar, Jammu and Srinagar.

Houseboat life on Srinagar's Dal Lake, Kashmir, travelling nearby areas, relaxing and meeting local people,

More of houseboat life in Srinagar, Kashmir, Dal Lakeboat trip and getting to know some local residents.

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