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Media Showcase Panorama Gallery

From the Wider View to Full 360 Degrees.

The images in this gallery are 'stiched' panoramas, presented in Flash and JPEG formats. (click link below each image, opens in a new window). JPEGs are further available in low and high resolution versions. However, please note: these are wide images, so 'low resolution' may mean a width of several thousand pixels, and high may be well over 10,000 pixels. Therefore, they may not display properly in some older browsers, or may take a while to download. Hence the choice of viewing in Flash, which typically is less than half the file size (but can't be downloaded, only viewed).

The panoramas in this gallery cover various countries and autonomous regions around the world. Click on the flag by the country name for basic information on that country.

Panoramic images were rarely seen a decade or two ago, but now with easy-to-use stitching software, they've become commonplace. Unfortunately, however, not all panos are equal. Often, the stitching process results in visible joins between the images used, which detracts from the overall effect, reminding the viewer that the scene is in fact a bunch of images stuck together and not really one sweeping vista. This is a little like seeing a scene in a film where suddenly some of set workers appear right by the actors! There are a few basic requirements for images shown in this gallery: First, they must be panoramas; at least twice the width of a standard 4-3 aspect ratio image, assuming no change in the height. So, if a standard image is 400 pixels by 300, these panoramas must be at least 800 pixels by 300. Second, they need to be high resolution. In fact, 300 pixels in the height dimension is too small, so generally they will all be at least several thousand pixels in length, and at least 800 in the height dimension. Third, they need to be high quality; they have to display clearly, without blur, at these high resoluations. And they also need to be high qualtiy with respect to the stitching; there shouldn't be any joins obvious. Last but not least, they need to be in the public domain, like all other images on this site. Hope you enjoy them...

AUSTRALIA IMAGE ONE: Perth, WA, from King's Park..(details)

Media SHowcase Panorama Gallery Australia Image 01: Perth City from King's Park

View as Flash. View as low-res JPEG/ high-res JPEG. (3,414 X 1,000, 2.4 MB, and 6,828 X 2,000, 7.7 MB respectively).

HONGKONG IMAGE ONE: Hongkong Island nightscape, from Kowloon.(details)

Media SHowcase Panorama Gallery Hongkong Image 01: Hongkong Island from Kowloon

View as Flash. View as low-res JPEG/ high-res JPEG. (4,727 X 1,000, 3.4 MB, and 14,000 X 3,000, 8.6 MB respectively).

TAIWAN IMAGE ONE: North-east Taiwan, Jilongshan to Yangmingshan National Park.(details)

Media SHowcase Panorama Gallery Image 01:North-east Taiwan, Jilongshan to Yangmingshan National Park

View as Flash. View as low-res JPEG/ high-res JPEG. (4,660 X 1,000, 3.3 MB, and 11,651 X 2,500, 15.3 MB respectively).

PANORAMA stitching software: There are plenty of panorama stitching applications out there, some of them free (most of the more functionally comprehensive image-editing applications also have stitching functions). Unfortunately, I usually do all my panos manually in Corel Photo-Paint, so I can't really comment on any of them. Wikipedia has a page on them here.

Media Showcase travellers fast facts files is a simple database of basic essential information on countries and autonomous regions around the world which I put together for the handy reference of travellers, or anyone else interested. Click here to go there...

All images Public Domain

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