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Page 6 of the Editor's Photo Travelogue, 2010s ("I discovered the park to be a treasure trove of landscape and nature scenes"), was added this week.

Danshui Aerial

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Welcome to MediaShowcase.net

Welcome to Media Showcase. This site showcases the visual artwork of myself, Alix Lee. However, despite the slightly ostentatious title (and titles of the site's various sub-sections) it isn't intended as some kind of exercise in egotism (well...perhaps just a little!). The site's purpose is to provide guidance and free visual artwork from a self-taught artist who learnt to create artwork through trial and error.

The site is divided, arbitrarily, into Photography, Traditional Media, and Computer Graphics (meaning both 2D and 3D CG). These days, all the other categories of visual arts involve CG to some extent. Even the traditional artwork on this site, for example, was scanned, and the digital versions cropped and resolution altered, etc., so the Computer Graphics category refers to artwork created primarily in a software application like Photoshop. The three main categories also have their various sub-categories. All the work can be regarded as in the public domain, free for anyone to use for any purpose whatsoever.... (for more info, please see About MS).

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